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About Fresh Sprouts


Fresh Sprouts is a cultural, ethnic & an artistic African urban boutique that invites visitors worldwide from different backgrounds to experience the best of Mother Nature. Fresh Sprouts offers a vast range of excellent handmade, handpainted & handwoven African gifts, corporate gifts & conference gifts.

The store permits the whole family to have their artsy & crafty needs fulfilled in one convenient spot. Fresh Sprouts serves the needs of women, men & children in one swift visit. We are all about ensuring that our customers enjoy their shopping experience & have memories to tell everybody they know for many days to come.

Fresh Sprouts is a brand that is all about beautiful, timeless & memorable handmade, handpainted & handwoven, African gifts. Our brand is about presenting & offering the beauty of all things African. Some of our products are 100% natural, promoting a green living as a way of life. The brand explores sustainable eco-friendly & locally made products that have an aroma-therapeutic fresh grass smell.

The store is where many tourists, visitors & locals can find a wide variety of products to style up themselves, their homes & their gardens fashionably African. Fresh Sprouts has something special for you, whether you need an elite handmade African gift for a new product launch, a conference or a promotional gift, we strive to satisfy your needs as our valued customer. Fresh Sprouts.. .breath, live & love Africa.